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Banco Santander Insurance: awarded in DevOps Industry Awards

Last October, Banco Santander was awarded in the Devops Industry Awards for the Best Overall DevOps Project in the financial sector, thanks to the Omnichannel Health Insurance project in which part of Nfq’s team has been collaborating during this year.

DevOps Awards

The DevOps Industry Awards celebrate companies and individuals who have accomplished significant achievements incorporating and adopting Agile methodologies in general, and especially DevOps practices in the European sphere.

These awards have been launched to recognize the tremendous efforts of individuals and teams when undergoing digital transformation projects, whether they are small and bespoke, or large complex initiatives. The DevOps Industry Awards jury, composed of IT Managers from several European multinationals, evaluated aspects such as:

  • Demonstration of a successful DevOps project utilizing a best practice method/technique
  • Verification of project goals, importance, achievements and successful results
  • Evidence of overcoming project challenges/obstacles
  • Detailed discussion around project methodology and justification of resource choices
  • Proof of commitment to industry best practices and standards


Best Overall DevOps Project – Finance Sector

The Omnichannel Health Insurance project that has been awarded is orientated to the commercialization of a new range of health products for individuals and self-employed workers, through the branch office network and all the other commercial channels of Banco Santander: Supernet, mobile apps and call centers.

The development of the project has consisted in the implementation of an Integrated multi-platform commercial service model, that allows to start or continue a project of Insurance on any digital platform, such as desktop or mobile.

This project allows the commercial network of Banco Santander and the user the management of Insurance projects, which are managed centrally and in an agile way, from any service platform and through any support, improving the client experience.

This also allows all the commercial channels of Banco Santander start Insurance projects that clients will also be able to continue from their computers and/or smartphones. The main objective of this activity is the efficient acquisition of the new clients who have shown interest in these products, with the purpose of giving them a price tag as soon as possible to make them a personalized offer that suits their needs.

The Banco Santander Insurance area has been promoting a methodological change these last years that has been key to win this award, boosting Agile methodologies and new working methods.

This paradigm shift (methodological and architectural) started with the Home and Life insurances and afterwards, with the Death Insurance field. Currently, this change is also being developed from the Accident Insurance field of Banco Santander.

Nfq, part of the team

Part of our team has been involved in the awarded project, with roles such as Scrum Master and Product Owner Proxy in business interaction, working as translators between business requirements and the day-to-day of the projects.

We have been part of the team that has implemented the Agile methodology with a new architecture, in which servers are located in a private cloud and new frameworks have been chosen (such as Angular JS or the use of APIs) to the publication of REST services to be consumed from the frontend.

In Nfq we’re proud to be part of the Banco Santander team in the digital transformation that is leading the Insurance area.

DevOps. Development and Operations

DevOps methodology focuses on the communication between software developers and Information Technology (IT) professionals; it promotes the software rapidly and more efficient (higher quality, lower cost and large release frequency).

A methodological working context aimed at increasing production efficiency and improving the quality of the final products through teamwork and self-organization, whose main values are the work in progress, the responsibility of each individual during the development and a positive attitude towards changes.

The final objective of this activity is to minimize the risk of the changes that occur in the day-to-day of the projects, enhancing the value of the client and the business.

Reinventing consulting

In Nfq we keep reinventing the way we do consulting thanks to the trust and demands of our clients, also in the Insurance field, in which we’re developing projects like this one, leading the transformation of the digital area.  

¿Do you want to know more about how we keep innovating in the Insurance field?

Contact our Insurance team and we’ll tell you first-hand some of our success stories.

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