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Closing of the Nfq Training Program 2016

The Nfq Training Plan is one of the most ambitious and demanding in our market.

On November 25, the closing event of the Training Plan for employees of Nfq 2016 took place at the headquarters of the Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB).

In Nfq, as specialists in banking, markets and finance, we firmly believe that the innovation that brings real value must always start from the deep knowledge of business.

This vision is behind the ambitious Training  Plan  for employees of which the banking and finance programme is part. Nfq and IEB developed this plan, along with other master programs and certifications.

Esta visión está detrás del ambicioso plan de formación y capacitación continua para empleados del que forma parte el programa de banca y finanzas, que desarrollamos en colaboración con el IEB, junto con otros programas master y certificaciones.

On November 25, the closing event of the banking and finance programme was held, ending the annual Training Plan for Nfq. The attenders to the event were Mr. Sergio Reyes Romero (Director of IEB’s Customized Programs), Mr. Roberto Savina (Program Director) and Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno Martín-Portuguese (Partner of nfq).

In the last 2 years, 100% of nfq employees have completed a regulated master or certification degree

Within the customized Nfq career paths, continuous training is the main actor.

In this year’s promotion, 23 employees from associate and senior associate profiles have completed their own nfq-IEB Banking and Finance program.



In the next promotion, could be you.


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