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Azentúa, innovating in sustainability and risk management

Nfq collaborates with Azentúa in the development of new risk management services and environmental assets for both companies and specific projects.

In Nfq we continue innovating to bring more value to out clients. Within this innovation effort we have set up an institutional collaboration with Azentúa as a specialist in risk management and environmental assets in the industrial sector.

Azentúa is a new project led by a team of specialists in environmental consulting with a unique vision: the development of customized management models for a sustainable, efficient and profitable industrial activity.

Every company or project has an impact on the environment, its activity has an interdependence with the environment and are subject to potential risks that can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Azentúa is specialized in the analysis and measurement of Natural Capital linked to the activity of the company or project and also in the development of services for the management and monetisation of risks, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and climate change.

Nfq collaborates with Azentúa in the development of new solutions for the improvement of the management of the environmental risks derived from the activity of a company or in a specific project.

A new project that advances in a “sustainable” way

Since its inception, Azentúa occupies a prominent place within the new projects of sustainable economy. Within this framework he participated as a speaker at this year’s Natural Capital Summit, a reference event for the green economy in our country, where new business models related to Natural Capital were addressed.


In addition, it provides specialized services to large companies in the energy sector such as Gas Natural Fenosa, which confirmed its trust in Azentúa for the implementation of the Ecosystem Service Pilot Project – GNF last November.

Know more about Azentúa

If you want to know more about how Azentúa and Nfq are reinventing the way to consult in the management of risks and environmental assets and all related services visit the page

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