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New Corporate Collaboration: Tetuan Valley

We achieve a new milestone in our quest for entrepreneurship and the generation of innovative ideas through a collaboration agreement with Tetuan Valley.

In 2009 three entrepreneurs saw the need to create a community or institution in Spain that could help professionals in their new adventures as entrepreneurs. Today there are more than 400 professionals who are part of Tetuan Valley.


In this context and in our commitment to innovation and the development of new ideas, Nfq‘s collaboration with Tetuan Valley is born.

From Nfq we wanted to contribute by reinforcing the importance of technological development in business environments, also looking for synergies between our areas of specialization and the ideas of the members of the school itself.

The collaboration is summarized in 3 lines of action:

  • Involvement in the activities developed in Tetuan Valley, attending events and sharing our experiences and points of view with the community.
  • Integration through an Nfq team that will assist bimonthly Tetuan Valley teams in order to promote and show the benefits of using technology in the development of start ups.
  • Generation of useful content to share with the community.

Through this new link, Nfq reaffirms its commitment to progress and economic development, we are sure that the agreement with Tetouan Valley will be a success.


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