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Every day is March 8

Today, on International Women’s Day, we want to acknowledge the role of all women who work for Nfq. We’ve got thus far because of you, so thank you for showing your effort and commitment day in, day out.

Committed to providing equal opportunities

At Nfq, we are committed to the idea that all people who join our project can find their own professional path regardless of their gender.

As a sign of this commitment, we are proud of the fact that the second person to ever be promoted to partner is a woman: Laura Aspas. She has developed almost her entire career at Nfq and she has done so on her own merits, thanks to her talent, her commitment and her dedication.

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Supporting women throughout the year

On the other hand, among other initiatives promoted by Nfq, we collaborate throughout the entire year on some projects that we believe can bring real value to women in our community.

An example of this is our active involvement with ADALAB’s training programs. ADALAB is a private institution that helps women facing employability difficulties, provides them programming training and sets out to make it easier for them to get a job.

We also encourage the participation of our colleagues in the Women’s Race every year, in which the full amount of the money collected is donated to projects executed by Gema Hassen-Bey, a disabled Spanish athlete.

Our most sincere thanks to all female Nfolks for making it possible for Nfq to keep reinventing the way consulting is done.

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