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New Nfq corporate web page

To mark our 6th anniversary, we have decided to update our corporate web page to reflect the new spirit of the company.

Why a new web page?

We have just celebrated our sixth anniversary as a service firm specialising in financial services. We have a staff of more than 470 people, five offices in three continents and projects in 17 locations, but we do not dwell on the past.

Our ability to forge what, in our opinion, is one of the strongest teams in our category in the last six years makes us really proud. We want our people to be the foundation that Nfq will rely on to gather further momentum.
A new era needed a new web page to represent what we are and what we want to be in the future as a company.

Effort, sport, people

Our new web page has a common thread running through it: the Nfq running team.

From the onset we were determined to make our people the focus of our web page. The sporting events that Nfq participates in have always represented the effort and the spirit of accomplishment of our employees, so the references to running on our web page are frequent.

Innovation represented with 3D animations

We also wanted to stress one of our differentiating traits as a company: our technical, quantitative and innovation capabilities. These capabilities are shown through the 3D modelling animations that are used in several interactive elements of our web site.

100% Nfq

Finally, we wanted to portray the unique nature of Nfq in our web page: our desire to be different, to rethink the way of doing consulting, using work and knowledge as key elements to add more value to our clients.

In short, we believe that visitors to our website will find a snapshot of what we have achieved as a Company, of our vision and our people, and a declaration of intent for the future.

This is just the beginning.
Are you in?

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