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Meet the Nfq Foundation

Our Foundation is an open hub where all people taking part in Nfq can collaborate and grow, helping others to build a better and more responsible society.

Our Foundation was launched in 2011 as a way to pay back to society part of what we have been given, and as a vehicle to promote social initiatives with a special focus on children support.

In Nfq we firmly believe in ethics. Commitment is one of the capital values we believe in, such in work as in life.


We firmly believe that as children have the key to the future, childcare and education programs help us all to shape the society we desire for tomorrow.

This understanding is the reason why our Foundation is focused on knowledge promotion and children support.

Nfq Foundation currently collaborates in corporate volunteering programs in oncology areas with public institutions such as Gregorio Marañón and Ramón y Cajal Hospitals in Madrid.

Some programs and initiatives

Nfq Foundation promotes programs centered on cultural activities and play, to make hospital stays easier to bear for children being treated in the cancer wards, as well as for their families

Initiatives such as in-house painting workshops or the Painting Hospitals (Pintando Hospitales) project are a good example of the activities the Foundation is promoting. With these projects, we embellish the hospitals’ oncology floors with illustrations of popular children stories.

Nowadays Nfq Foundation is working in new initiatives focused on children education and knowledge.

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