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Together we have no limits

The promotion of sport and sport activities is part of a way to understand our work and a reflection of an open, collaborative and participatory business culture.

In Nfq we have corporate teams and activities in many different sports such as running, soccer, basketball, cycling and skiing. In addition, we organize and promote participation in sport activities in all our locations.

Sport activities and the promotion of sport are one of our hallmarks of identity, both internally and in the market because it represents very well the values that are part of the way we are and how we understand the way consulting works.

At Nfq we promote an open, collaborative and participatory work culture, both among those who are part of the Company and also with our clients.


At Nfq we have reached a remarkable position and we continue to grow thanks to the work and talent of our people and the ability to create lasting links with our customers.

We are proud that more than 90% of the people who work at Nfq perform our work within the premises of our clients, thus being a part of them.

Competitive Spirit

Those who are already part of Nfq and those who join us every day in any of our geographies are, in large part, a way of understanding our work. As in sport, we always seek to reach beyond, be better and obtain better results.

Reinventing the way of consulting is our way of expressing this nonconformist spirit and continuous improvement.


In this company we do it all together. All activities, both sports and non-sports, our innovation department, our communication team… all are examples that everything we do at Nfq is due to the effort and commitment of everyone of us.

Sports Teams and Events

In Nfq there are no excuses for not playing sports. We have corporate sport teams, formed by our employees, who take part in inter-company leagues in different sports disciplines such as football, basketball and paddle. We have continuous running and cycling activities as well.

In addition, on a regular basis, we promote the participation in special events, both of our own organization and of external partners. Among the highlights we could mention the celebration of our 4th Championship of Pádel Nfq, the organization of trips to the snow in winter season for the practice of skiing and snowboarding or the participation this next weekend on the Cervantine Mountain Bike Route.

As for external events, it deals mainly with Nfq teams in London, Mexico and Madrid taking part in the Spartan Race, one of the toughest challenges in the world. Also in Mexico part of our team took part in The Color Run, undoubtedly the most colorful race in the world.

Our corporate running team has 221 members who have run and reached already 18,125 km together.

Redefining consulting

In Nfq, sport values are part of our way of being and understanding the business. Teamwork, competitive spirit and commitment are values that we deeply believe in, both at work and in life.

Together we have NO limits

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