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The importance of being 2017

The year 2017 is set to be key for Nfq for several reasons; the goals attained in recent years, new perspectives emerging from 2016 and the objectives we have set ourselves this year.

2016, sustained growth on all fronts

2016 was a really important year for us. We consolidated a continuous growth in the three fundamental pillars of the Company: the business, our people and our value proposition in the market.

The business

We keep growing

It has been a very remarkable year for our international presence in England and Mexico, where we have continued growing in business terms with new 100% local customers.

This international growth meant doubling the number of resources in Nfq México D.F. and London offices.

We started to collaborate with new clients in all the different areas of our specialization. Some examples are projects such as Altamira (Real Estate), Liberty and RGA (Insurance), Aguas de Valencia (Solutions) or Advisory with clients such as Bankinter and Repsol.

In addition, in our consolidated clients such as BBVA, Santander or Sareb we have renewed projects and opened new business opportunities, taking part in strategic projects such as “CLAN Pricing” a tool made for the pricing of Syndicated Loans developed for BBVA.

Our people

New incorporations and promotions

At Nfq we have always believed in our professional’s development. Their effort, talent and dedication make possible to overcome new challenges, and for this reason, the sustained growth of the Company in 2016 has been followed by a parallel growth in the number of incorporations as in the roles of responsibility of Senior profiles.

For those who were already part of Nfq we marked a milestone in their professional development. The evolution of employees upgrading into a Senior position has been a record, with 48 promotions: 22 new Senior Associates, 18 new Senior Consultants and Supervisors and 8 new positions within the management pool between Managers and Senior Managers.

Past year, 121 new professionals were added to the large Nfq family, and from those, over 20% did it in International offices.

Value proposal

One of the most ambitious training plans in the market

Specialization continues to be one of our Brand values. For this reason, our Training Plan has become an essential tool for us and aim to be one of the most ambitious programs in the market.

In 2016, 442 employees followed a training course: almost 10% opted for Official Certifications and 285 participated in some In-house course, including training in Agile methodologies.

2016 investment in training was over 1,500 € per employee. In the last 2 years, 100% of Nfq employees have completed a certificated or master degree.

In Nfq we only believe in innovation when it comes from a deep knowledge of the business.

For that reason in 2016 we have developed projects with Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning technology applied to the measurement of reputational risk and to create tools for distributed calculation and high benefits.


This year we also celebrated our sixth anniversary and we took our Brand into the next level to transmit or Brand values.

We re-branded our logo, revising our corporate colors to look brighter and better in electronic devices and we also created “B2 [Value]” , a concept that was born to highlight the importance of adding value in every business we are involved in, expressed in a mathematical formula.


And all this effort was transferred also to our new website, our best showcase for our partners and clients.

Our new website was honored at the AWWWARDS Awards, as one of the best websites in an international environment.
Nfq2, the true hub of the Company

Our corporate social network continues growing and has become our meeting point; everything that happens in Nfq: knowledge, projects, events, news, etc. are reflected here. Doesn’t care where we are, thanks to Nfq2 we are always connected to collaborate and share best practices.


Great propositions for 2017

This year we need more than ever your involvement, your effort and your talent because we are going to take a big leap.

The business

Our goal is to maintain sustained growth of local resources and business in our mature international offices such as Mexico, England and Brazil, while we consolidate our presence in other geographies with projects in progress such as Andorra and USA.

Our Value Proposal

We want to continue diversifying our portfolio through innovation. One of our best achievements has been our corporate collaboration with AZENTÚA, an innovative model in environmental risks supported by the technical capacity of our Solutions department.

Our people

We continue to believe in growing and make our professionals grow with us. Careers plans are based on strong Training and Promotions programs that will take the highest investments ever in our Company. We are focused on promoting our employees and upgrade their responsibilities.


We will continue developing our corporate communication channels to share our vision and the way we are redefining what consulting means with more people.

2017 has just started and all of us are going to make it an unforgettable year.

Together we have NO limits.

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