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Work Hard, Play Hard

In Nfq we believe that carrying out a career is much more than only the work per se and continuous training. One of Nfq´s hallmark is to build up a pleasant working environment and personal life care.

If you have ever heard about Nfq, it’s sure you´ve done about our LAST (Thursday) event. When Nfq was founded, seven years ago, we decided to reserve a piece of quality time to spend together between workmates last Thursday of the month.

Over the years, our LAST event has become a more complex scheduled activity. Currently, a monthly LAST can consist of an entire day skiing or an innovation meet up in Google, for instance.

Why events are so important at Nfq

At Nfq we were born with the aim to redefine consulting. We believe that a more transparent, collaborative and innovative consulting model is possible.

We have a clear mind about the main character of any change: change is accomplished due to the talent and effort of the best professionals. This was the reason why we looked for people looking not only for a work position in consulting but a for a career path that could make them become part of something important.

In Nfq we value the most group activities because we firmly believe they are a good way for team building and personal development as well. We consider working an essential part of life.

Scheduled events

Last Thursday of every month, the events team of every Nfq office over the world prepares a group activity to spent a good time between work mates with a main topic.

For instance, this year in Mexico City our team had a tough time in wrestling, the team in London organized its bowling competition and an innovation day was carried out at Google Campus in Madrid.

Furthermore, there are three more fixed dates in every Nfq member calendar: the Company Anniversary, the Nfq BBQ and the Christmas Party.

Sports Events

A sports team also exists in every Nfq office. We consider sports not only as an event but as a part of a healthier way of life.

We have corporate sports teams, formed by our employees, who take part in inter-company leagues in different sports disciplines such as football, basketball, and paddle. We have continuous running and cycling activities as well.

Besides, on a regular basis, we promote the participation in special events, both of our creation and of external partners. Among the highlights, we could mention the celebration of our 4th Championship of Padel tennis and the participation of our teams in London, Mexico and Madrid in the Spartan Race.

Becoming part of Nfq is much more than only work on advisory. It remains to a whole way to understand a profession where commitment, closeness, and collaboration are part of the same vision inside a big family.

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