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Nfq Group is born. Furture starts now

El nuevo Grupo Nfq, de capital 100% español, se compone de un ecosistema de marcas especialistas en los diferentes sectores de actividad y conocimiento que forman la nueva cadena de valor: tecnología, datos, procesos y negocio.

On September 26, the brand that embodies and gives a face to the new Nfq Group was introduced at an event at the Duques de Pastrana Palace in Madrid. With nearly 900 employees in 18 geographies, Nfq Group becomes one of the most important independent consulting groups to be funded with domestic capital.

Nfq Advisory, Bosonit, Nter and Nforce have founded Nfq Group, a 100% Spanish owned conglomerate of consulting businesses that employ about 900 people distributed throughout their offices in 5 countries and develop projects in more than 18 geographies.

Business conglomerate Nfq Group is composed of 4 brands, each of which specializes in one area of knowledge and activity within the new value chain of the post-digital economy: technology, data, processes and business consulting.

In this sense, Nfq Group’s value proposition is based on the specialization of their knowledge and the complementarity of their business skills with a special focus on the financial sector, to which it provides a long list of services.


The new corporate group is a conglomerate of brands that operate as specialists in the different links of the value chain of the new economy: technology, data, processes and business.

Knowledge. Innovation. Values

The group is made up of 4 service providers that share the same vision: real value comes from specialization. Specialization here is understood as both the generation of knowledge and experience and the recruitment and training of talent.

The companies of the group have also joined forces because they share the same values and uncompromising spirit, which leads them to offer innovative solutions based on their knowledge of the business.

This vision –reinvention through deep knowledge– has been captured in the group’s slogan.

B2 [value]

Nfq Advisory

This finance and insurance consulting firm was born in Madrid about 10 years ago now and has grown steadily by adding talent and experience to its value proposition year after year. Our business model, based on innovation and specialization in different fields of knowledge and business areas, has positioned the brand as a leader in their fields of activity: Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance and Real Estate.

We collaborate with the main players in each of their areas of service. Some clients include Banco Santander and BBVA, with which we work on supranational projects, Mapfre and Santalucía, in the insurance sector, or Sareb and Aliseda, in the real estate sector.


Specialized in emerging technologies and in the processing and exploitation of data, Nfq Group member Bosonit was born in Logroño 4 years ago with the aim of becoming the leading IT nearshoring operator in Spain and has ample experience in the development of the most cutting-edge business intelligence projects through modelling and data exploitation in business areas ranging from finance to pharma.

Bosonit has become one of the leading Spanish brands in one of the fastest growing sectors as it plays a strategically important role not only in the successful development of any project for any industry and during the data processing cycle at large but also when emerging technologies such as IoT, Robotisation or Blockchain are used.


It was born as a brand more than a year ago with the mission of covering the entire spectrum of knowledge in core technologies and cloud computing.

Nter serves different industries and markets as a brand specializing in the development of technological services and microservices. It carries out its activity in the core development environments of greatest demand (.net, phyton, java) and provides services derived from Cloud and distributed computing environment capabilities.

Nter operates its business by using the latest innovations in agile product development and DevOps.


It is the brand of the Nfq Group that specializes in the provision of services in the area of operations.

Nforce, which has been operating for 3 years, has specialist resources to execute the design, implementation and optimization of operational processes, being the financial and insurance sectors the ones where the brand is the most experienced.

Future starts now

Nfq Group provides services internationally through its offices in Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the USA, has projects in more than 18 locations and is one of the main independent consulting groups to be entirely funded by Spanish capital.

Nfq Group’s value proposition is based on the specialization of their knowledge and the complementarity of their business skills and thus it is able to render end-to-end services in virtually any economic sector.

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