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Departamento metodológico

QDos. Our reputational risk management tool

The management of reputational risk is essential in the modern financial paradigm. And the sentiment analysis is a powerful tool to analyze the reputation of a certain financial institution.

The sentiment analysis, applied to text, is a computational linguistic tool to extract subjective information based on text analysis. The common uses of sentiment analysis are oriented to marketing and tracking of a recently-offered product.

However, the algorithm (Q2) that Nfq uses combines big data analysis from Twitter’s messages with machine learning from our reputational database, to estimate reputational time series. This tweet classification is based on a new concept of an object to classify, which let us define a strong concept of reputational metric.

Q2’s algorithm let us register the time evolution of a certain financial institution’s reputation on Twitter.

Those time series can be correlated with financial time series, looking for quantifying the economic risk linked to the reputation.

If you want to know more about Q2, you could view the complete article here:

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